Scripts about two cops with divergent methods of upholding the law learning to love and respect each other over the course of a wild and crazy case have always existed. The simple fact of the matter is that the Buddy Cop genre will never die. It will only evolve. It will only find new ways to tweak the formula. It will find new people to play those at-odds police officers. In this case, how about Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy?

Well, it's happening! The currently untitled film is written by 'Parks and Recreation' writer Katie Dippold and will be directed by Paul Feig, who worked on 'Freak and Geeks' and 'The Office' before the directing the box office smash 'Bridesmaids' last year. The basic premise should sound familiar to anyone who has seen more than one movie. From Deadline:

"The movie details the strained working relationship between an uptight FBI agent, played by Oscar winner Bullock, and an unconventional Boston cop, played by Oscar nominee McCarthy."

It's jarring enough to call Sandra Bullock an Oscar winner, but hearing Melissa McCarthy called "Oscar Nominee" remains so delightfully strange, no? Anyway, you can bet this odd duo will at first find themselves at odds but will overcome their differences and form a powerful friendship just in time to solve a big case and save the day.

As conventional as this premise sounds, Feig has killer taste in projects and has yet to disappoint when it comes to knowing what's funny. 'Bridesmaids' is not only a hilarious movie, it's an emotionally honest one, managing to find genuine humanity in its absurd characters. A writer on the near-perfect 'Parks and Recreation' penning the script is also a plus and we should note that this female-led movie is actually being written by a woman. Hollywood always acts surprised when they remember that women can be just as funny as men (just like they always act surprised when a movie starring black people makes money) and we're happy that the success of 'Bridesmaids' may have made this stick a little better.