The trailer for the long-delayed film 'Butter' has finally arrived, starring Jennifer Garner, Hugh Jackman, and Olivia Wilde in a tale of competitive butter carving so delicious it's sure to make Paula Deen weak in the knees. 

'Butter' played SXSW in 2011 and has been delayed a few times since, but the Weinstein Company is finally releasing the film on VOD September 7 in anticipation of its October 5 theatrical release.

The film follows Laurie Pickler (Garner), the First Lady of Butter Carving, whose husband ('Modern Family''s Ty Burrell) wants to exit the butter carving arena and get on with his life. Not content to let their family step out of the spotlight, Laurie decides to try and take the championship title for herself, putting her in direct competition with her husband's wild mistress (Olivia Wilde) and a 10 year-old foster child (newcomer Yara Shahidi). The film co-stars Hugh Jackman as Laurie's high school sweetheart, Boyd, and the man who just might help her win this crazy contest. Also on board are Alicia Silverstone (yes, really!) and Ashley Greene.

The trailer features equal parts hilarity and heart-warming drama, with a dash of clever social commentary, perfect for the impending election season. Check it out below, courtesy of Yahoo! Movies: