Easily one of the biggest surprise hits to come out during the summer of last year was 'Captain America: The First Avenger.' There wasn't a crazy amount of excitement building from the Marvel fan base like there was for other properties like 'Iron Man,' but once that teaser trailer hit during the Super Bowl, everyone was floored. $368 million dollars later, we're in the middle of Marvel's hunt for a director to take on the sequel. So who is Marvel looking at to lead their sequel?

When it comes to Marvel, they're more likely to lean towards a director who can deal with a smaller budget rather than one who's used to making monster blockbuster movies. We're still in tough economic times, it makes sense that even the studios are a little tight when it comes to production money.

On Vulture they released a small list of directors who Marvel thinks are best qualified to take on 'Captain America 2.' Among those on the list include George Nofli ('The Adjustment Bureau'), F. Gary Gray ('The Italian Job') and yes, even 'Community' directors Joseph and Anthony Russo.

Obviously Marvel Studios' president of production Kevin Feige is the person in charge of making the final decision. For jobs like this it's not just a matter of who can work best under their own budget but who they just like the most. Here's hoping that they don't begin bouncing from one director to another with 'Captain America 2' like they were last year for 'Thor 2.'

It's also a slight shame that they sat on Captain America for awhile until they decided to bring him to the big screen last year. It may be a little odd to see a sequel to Captain America that takes place in the 1940s after we see him tear Loki apart in modern times in 'The Avengers' this May, but at the same time who cares? Fans will more than likely be happy to get more doses of the "pinnacle of human perfection" in theaters.