Nothing like a fresh, piping hot superhero rumor on a long weekend, am I right? Earlier this week, Net-A-Porter (via /Film) took the opportunity to ask Anna Kendrick which superhero she could see herself playing. She admitted that her brother had sent her a Squirrel Girl comic and that Kendrick could see herself playing the character. So if we’re being honest here, a more accurate headline would probably, ‘Anna Kendrick’s Brother Interested in Anna Kendrick Being Interested in a Squirrel Girl Movie,’ but my goodness, that’s practically illegible, isn’t it?

My brother sent me a Squirrel Girl comic because he thinks I should [play her]. I don’t know what Squirrel Girl does other than be half squirrel, but I could be half squirrel!

The Great Lakes Avengers, the superhero team that put Squirrel Girl on the map, is one of Marvel’s funniest and most self-aware creations, with each character meant to poke fun at the overall seriousness of the Marvel universe. There is Mr. Immortal, a man who is immortal only in the sense that he always comes back to life after being killed (he often spends most of his fights dead, only to wake up after the battle is already over). There is also Big Bertha, Milwaukee’s most famous supermodel who gains super-strength by becoming incredibly obese. And then there is Squirrel Girl. She talks to squirrels.

She’s also one of the biggest up-and-coming characters in the Marvel universe. Earlier this year, The Washington Post ran a piece on why fans love Squirrel Girl so much and writer Ryan North explain her appeal:

Her first instinct is not to beat someone up. It’s: ‘Maybe we can talk. Can I help?’ She looks for empathy and compromise more than solving problems with her fists. This is kind of revolutionary in superhero comics. Look at Batman and Superman, punching each other all the time for no good reason. Squirrel Girl is inclined to have a conversation first.

It’s easy to imagine Anna Kendrick in a Marvel movie, stopping in the middle of a fight to have a friendly conversation with some supervillain looking to destroy the world. In fact, a little more talking might have stopped the events of Captain America: Civil War before they had a chance to get violent. A superhero whose biggest superpower is her humanity? Yes, please.


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