'Carrie' is returning to theaters in 2013 with a remake of the classic 1976 film (or a re-adaptation of Stephen King's novel, depending on how you look at it) and Chloe Moretz is taking over the role that got Sissy Spacek an Oscar nomination. But how does she look as Carrie White? Take a look at the first footage from the upcoming remake below.

The scene in question takes place at an indoor pool with bratty teenagers (a familiar place for Moretz in a horror film) and doesn't feature any dialogue from Carrie but instead gives you an idea of how she's being bullied by her peers. It's also possible this is the new opening to the film (the original opened with Carrie discovering her powers in the locker room showers).

Watch the 'Carrie' footage below and see what you think of her as the telekinetic Carrie White. She seems a little too pretty for us but otherwise seems to have the awkward thing down pat (to her credit, Moretz says she won't watch the original film until after they've wrapped production).

"The quiet suburb of Chamberlain, Maine is home to the deeply religious and conservative Margaret White (Moore) and her daughter Carrie (Moretz). Carrie is a sweet but meek outcast whom Margaret has sheltered from society. Gym teacher Miss Desjardin (Greer) tries in vain to protect Carrie from local mean girls led by the popular and haughty Chris Hargenson (Portia Doubleday), but only Chris’ best friend, Sue Snell (Gabriella Wilde), regrets their actions. In an effort to make amends, Sue asks her boyfriend, high school heartthrob Tommy Ross (Ansel Elgort), to take Carrie to prom. Pushed to the limit by her peers at the dance, Carrie unleashes telekinetic havoc."