Lest you forget, there's more than one talented man in the Affleck family -- Casey Affleck has just sold a pitch for a movie based on the grisly Boston Strangler murders to Warner Bros., and he hopes to star in it, obviously.

According to Deadline, Casey Affleck and his screenwriting partner Chuck Maclean have sold a pitch to Warner Bros. based on the notorious Boston Strangler murders that took place in the early 60s. Maclean also wrote a script called 'Bridges on the Fort Point Channel,' which made the 2011 Black List, and he's currently also writing 'Storming Las Vegas' for Summit.

This 'Boston Strangler' project is being compared in tone to 'Se7en' and 'Zodiac,' which is exactly the sort of comparison you'd expect to hear. The film will follow five detectives tracking down the serial killer, and one detective in particular who zealously dedicates his life and career to bringing the killer to justice, going up against corrupt cops and politicians who are watching out for their own interests.

In real life, Albert DeSalvo was convicted of crimes unrelated to the 13 Boston Strangler murders -- all of which were sexual in nature -- but the public was led to believe that DeSalvo was responsible for all of them for over a year and a half. To this day, many believe that there was more than one killer, and that DeSalvo was merely part of a much bigger conspiracy at play.

So, a 'Boston Strangler' movie that's akin to David Fincher's 'Zodiac' and 'Se7en'? Count us in.

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