While 2016 may look like a crappy year for movies so far, don’t worry. I assure you one of the best films of the year is on its way, and now it finally has a trailer.

Kenneth Lonergan’s Manchester By the Sea debuted at Sundance to immediate praise, quickly dubbed an Oscar frontrunner. In our Sundance review, Mike Sampson called it “a heartbreaking exploration of tragedy, loss and regret.” The drama follows Casey Affleck as the troubled and isolated Lee Chandler who’s called back to his hometown in Massachusetts following a family tragedy. When Chandler is asked to become the guardian of his teenage nephew (Lucas Hedges), he struggles with torment and memories of his past. I won’t describe anything more, since it’s a powerful piece of filmmaking that’s best watched with little knowledge of the plot.

The trailer doesn’t give too much away, but it does include one pivotal scene (and honestly, maybe the best scene in cinema I’ve seen this year) between Affleck and Michelle Williams. If you want to experience it fresh, maybe don’t watch the trailer before you see the film. The film also stars Kyle Chandler, Matthew Broaderick, and Gretchen Mol.Amazon Studios and Roadside Attractions’ Manchester By the Sea will screen at the Toronto Film Festival and New York Film Festival ahead of its theatrical release on November 18.

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