Finally, the wild news of today's many cancellations and pickups comes to an end, with the Upfront and scheduling madness soon to follow next week, but all is not laid bare just yet. Among CBS' many pickups, we've learned that freshman dramas 'Vegas' and 'Golden Boy' have received an early cancellation from the network, along with the dismissal of long-running series 'CSI: NY' and 'Rules of Engagement.' Find out why CBS let the latest series go inside!

CBS might have proven itself the strongest of the five major networks, but even the mighty eye proves fallible. Joining the dozens and dozens of reports today is the cancellation of four CBS series, that of freshman dramas 'Vegas' and 'Golden Boy,' the stalwart 'CSI: NY,' and the surprisingly resilient 'Rules of Engagement.'

The Dennis Quad / Michael Chiklis-starring 'Vegas' had been suffering and ultimately moved to Fridays before CBS made a final decision, while 'Golden Boy' had gained too little traction with critics or viewers in its inaugural run. 'Rules of Engagement' had repeatedly been shuffled around the CBS lineup and saved from cancellation, airing seven seasons overall.

As for 'CSI: NY,' the cancellation of the Gary Sinise-headlined drama leaves the original 'CSI' as the last standing branch of the franchise, following last year's cancellation of 'CSI: Miami.'

Well, what say you? Will you miss any of CBS' cancelled series? Which of today's pickups and renewals got you most excited?