By now, the world audience understands the rules of a reboot. One can pay gentle homage to past iterations, while crafting a new and unique vision of the source material. You certainly never remake something shot for shot in the vein of Gus Van Sant's take on 'Psycho,' but it seems CBS' 'Hawaii Five-0' reboot hasn't quite gotten that memo. The updated series will next tackle the task of remaking classic episodes, but what will be different this time around?

For those upset that CBS modern remake of the classic 'Hawaii Five-0' wasn't enough like the original, your day has come. Entertainment Weekly reports that the modern series will remake classic episode "Hookman," a fan-favorite episode that won the 1974 Emmy for Best Music Competition.

'Robocop' star Peter Weller will direct and star in the updated episode, taking the titular role formerly played by double amputee Jay J. Armes. Not all details of the episode will be as viewers remember, however, as the series will naturally update several aspects to reflect modern tone and pacing. Additionally, the modern version will see McGarrett’s father sharing a past with the villain, whereas it was McGarrett himself who had ties to Hookman in the original.

“It was a stand-out and a fan-favorite,” says executive producer Peter Lenkov of his reasons for choosing the episode to remake from a list of other potentials. “It sort of came to everyone’s mind — everyone remembered ‘Hookman.’”

The episode will likely air in early 2013, but what say you? Can 'Hawaii Five-0' bring freshness to an old episode, or have they run out of ideas?