Whether or not you thought Bradley Cooper’s 2011 ‘Limitless’ needed a TV reboot of the 100% brain-power hero solving cases for the FBI, CBS certainly seems committed to making it work. Director Neil Burger has exited the remake project for scheduling purposes, surprisingly leaving ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ helmer Marc Webb in his place.

Burger will instead work on Showtime’s impending Wall Street drama ‘Billions,’ while Webb’s TV credentials last saw him directing the pilot for Showtime’s ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.’ With ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ franchise currently stuck in a well-deserved limbo, Webb will direct the already-ordered ‘Limitless’ pilot.

The new ‘Limitless’ series will be written by ‘Elementary’ writer Craig Sweeny, produced with Cooper, Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman and feature writer Leslie Dixon. Where previously it was thought the new series would pick up with Cooper’s writer character from the film, it now seems as if the story will reboot to have its protagonist use his NZT-assisted brain to solve FBI cases.

For those unfamiliar with the 2011 film that grossed around $160 million worldwide, ‘Limitless’ featured Cooper in the role of a struggling writer who undergoes a drug trial that expands his cognitive abilities to using 100% of his brain power, thereafter attracting unwanted attention from shadowy forces. The thriller also starred Robert de Niro and Abbie Cornish.

Certainly a notable choice for a pilot, but what say you? Does Marc Webb helming the ‘Limitless’ pilot guarantee CBS wants to take it to series?

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