Last week, CBS opted to postpone airing its 'Mike & Molly' third season finale episode "Windy City," whose tornado-themed content was deemed insensitive in the wake of the disasters befalling the state of Oklahoma. Now, the eye network has rescheduled the finale episode for this upcoming Thursday, but will anything change about the content?

One of many network episodes shuffled around this past season out of sensitivity to real-life tragedies, 'Mike & Molly's season finale "Windy City" has officially been rescheduled to air this Thursday at 8:30 P.M. The episode had previously been pulled from the lineup due to storm content in light of the devastating tornado that ravaged stretches of Oklahoma.

The finale -- featuring guest turns from recent 'Justified' stars Gerald McRaney and Jim Beaver -- follows Mike and Carl as they are stuck working at a Renaissance Faire when a tornado nears Chicago. Later, the impending storm drives Mike and Molly to confess important secrets to one another. Even though the finale was delayed, 'Mike & Molly' has been picked up for a full fourth season, despite CBS decision to hold the Melissa McCarthy-starring Chuck Lorre vehicle until midseason for the upcoming cycle.

Will you tune in to see 'Mike & Molly's third season finale this Thursday night?

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