Assuming you’ve managed to contain your laughing fits at the phrase “renegade zoologist,” CBS forthcoming Zoo adaptation at last has a grizzly first trailer. What happens when all of Earth’s animals turn on the human race, dogs and cats killing together? Mass hysteria, man.

Adapted from James Patterson’s 2012 novel of the same name, CBS’ Zoo stars Mad Men alum Bob James Wolk as yes, “renegade zoologist” Jackson Oz, alongside Nora Arnezeder as Chloe Tousignant, Game of Thrones alum Nonso Anozie as Abraham, House of Cards player Kristen Connolly as Jamie, and Twilight star Billy Burke as Mitch.

In it, all of Earth’s animal population begin to turn on humanity, including lions stalking people through Los Angeles, cats perching throughout trees, and dogs conspiring to kill their owners. I assure you, we’ve made none of that up. As executive Scott Rosenberg put it, “We want the whole world to fear their Schnauzer. Then we’ve done our job right.”

So reads the official Zoo logline:

In the series, a wave of violent animal attacks against humans begin taking place across the globe. As the assaults become more cunning, coordinated and ferocious, a young renegade biologist (James Wolk) is thrust into the race to unlock the pandemic’s mystery before there’s no place left for people to hide.

To reiterate that we are in no way kidding, take a look at the Zoo trailer above, and prepare for the first of 13 episodes debuting on June 30.