It's no secret that we at ScreenCrush are big into video games, especially when those video games get turned into movies, like with Deus Ex, Mass Effect, God of War and Need for Speed. But what excites us even more is hearing the voices of famous stars in our favorite games.

There's been a long history of celebrities lending their voices to classic video game characters. Even still, we're always blown away upon hearing Mark Hamill's, or Samuel L. Jackson's, or Liam Neeson's, or even Susan Sarandon's voice in such popular games as Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed and God of War.

So, for those of you who've battled your way through Batman: Arkham Asylum without realizing the true identity of The Joker -- or some other similar situation -- you're about to have your mind blown. We teamed up with Arcade Sushi, TheDrop, Loudwire, Ultimate Classic Rock and StarCrush to bring you these 30 celebrity video game cameos about which you might not have known.