Another massive video game property is readying itself for a movie adaptation; this time, it's Microsoft's massively successful 'Gears of War,' which has had a few false starts in the past but now looks ready to finally make the leap to the big screen. And who's going to help make that happen?

Variety reports that mega-producer Scott Stuber, who helped bring 'Ted,' 'Battleship' and 'Safe House' to theaters last year, has come aboard the film adaptation of 'Gears of War,' Stuber will now begin developing the script, along with the game's creator, Epic Games.

This is certainly not the first time 'Gears of War' has attempted to make the big move to Hollywood. Back in 2007, New Line Cinema set the project up with 'Underworld' director Len Wiseman. Wiseman eventually departed which slowed the film's development and forced New Line to cut its reported $100 million budget and retool the story. Obviously, things never got off the ground for that version.

But now Stuber - a trusted producer at Universal - and his production shingle, Bluegrass Films, will attempt to give 'Gears of War' new life. The story of the original game (there have been several since its 2006 debut) revolved around mankind's epic battle for survival against the Locust Horde, a nightmarish race of creatures that surface from the bowels of the planet, a storyline plays out just like a Hollywood blockbuster.

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