Watching a movie is fine and all, but eating a movie is where it’s at. There’s nothing better than celebrating a great cinematic achievement by pouring it into bowl, covering it with milk, and devouring it as quickly as you can before it turns soggy. This is the true magic of cinema; consuming it and then, several hours later, excreting it.

In the world of movie tie-in foods, the cereal aisle is one of the most crowded and consistent. At any given time, there’s at least two or three cereals available in every grocery store based on popular blockbusters. A few come and go quickly, but some catch on and sell for years. Still, it was a little shocking to look through the history of breakfast food and collect all the movie cereals. Former ScreenCrush editor Mike Ryan once ran a ScreenCrush Cereal of the Week column celebrating some of the stranger movie-related cereal oddities, but it only ran for a few weeks. If I dug deeper, I thought I’d find 15 or maybe 20. Instead, I easily found 50 and I could have thrown in more. (I think you’ll agree 50 was plenty.)

As you go through the gallery, possibly while enjoying a delicious bowl of Captain America: Civil War cereal, note how many movie cereals, like their inspirations, are basically identical; a big pile of empty sugar designed for a quick buzz that fades almost as soon as it’s left your system. (That said, if anyone wants to bring back E.T. Cereal, put me down for 10 boxes. That stuff was delicious.)

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