While Marvel fans’ sights are set on Thor: Ragnarok news at the moment, one MCU illustrator is sharing new details from last year’s Captain America: Civil War. Remember the massive superhero brawl at the airport? As it turns out, one major alliance was almost very different.

Over the weekend, Marvel Studios Visual Development Supervisor and Concept Artist Andy Park took to Instagram to share some previously unreleased concept art from Civil War. A close-up of a keyframe shows Giant-Man facing off with Captain America:

But wait a second, weren’t Cap and Scott Lang’s Giant-Man on the same side? As you surely remember, Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man morphed into the opposite version of himself as the massive Giant-Man to aid Team Cap. But according to Park, an early version of the Civil War script found Rudd’s superhero joining Tony Stark’s ranks. Such an alliance wouldn’t exactly line up with what we know of Scott from Ant-Man, so it makes sense the writers eventually put his Giant-Man on Cap’s side. If you’re itching for more Scott Lang before Ant-Man and the Wasp hits theaters on July 6, 2018, Park shared another look at his Giant-Man illustration featured in the Marvel Studios logo: 

Until then, you can look forward to the next addition to the MCU when Thor: Ragnarok rolls into theaters November 3.

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