Jonah Hill probably shouldn't have made that bet...

Back when '21 Jump Street' was about to hit theaters, a drunk Hill made a ridiculous bet with an equally drunk Channing Tatum based on whether their movie would open over $35 million or not. The bet? As Hill put it, "I will kiss your tip" if it happens. (The tip of what, we'll leave to your very capable imagination.) Just so you know, '21 Jump Street' opened to $36.3 million.

Two years later, as '22 Jump Street' prepares to hit theaters, we caught up with Hill and Tatum in New York City to see if Hill has (A) paid up, or (B) doubled down on the success of the sequel. Also, we found out if we'll ever see a '23 Jump Street' and why you absolutely must stick around through the film's closing credits.

'22 Jump Street' opens in theaters on Friday.

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