Once upon a time -- exactly a year ago, to be precise -- Charlie Sheen seemingly lost his mind. His public behavior during that period made a lot of us cringe, and in a new interview to promote his upcoming sitcom 'Anger Management,' Sheen says he's not all that proud of it himself.

Sheen sat down with Matt Lauer on the 'Today' show, and didn't disagree when Lauer told him that many people didn't expect Charlie would even survive that wild time. He said he'd considered putting together a documentary about the whole experience -- his 'Torpedo of Truth' tour, the infamous tiger blood, the "duh, winning!" catchphrase, all of it -- but reconsidered once he started watching all the old video footage.

Calling it "cringeable," he said, "I didn't recognize parts of who that guy was."

Asked by Lauer whether it was weird to look back on "what seems like an out-of-body experience," Sheen replied, "Yeah. Yeah, it is. I just wish it was somebody else's body."

That's how most of the interview went -- lots of jokey one-liners from a fidgety Sheen, who looks remarkably older than his 46 years. And despite the substance abuse and fast living that's put all those lines on his face, he said the fact that he still drinks isn't cause for concern.

"I don't know one addiction specialist who would tell a guy in your position, it's okay to drink," Lauer said.

"Well, if you do, I should probably go to that guy," Sheen quipped.

Ironically, the actor plays a therapist on 'Anger Management,' which premieres June 28 on FX.

Watch the 'Today' interview below.