Argued by many to be one of Kevin Smith's best films, 'Chasing Amy' follows the story of comic-book artist Holden (Ben Affleck), who falls in love with lesbian Alyssa, throwing his friendship with his best friend and work partner into upheaval. Released in 1997, the romantic comedy was the third in Smith's "Jersey Tales" series of films and also featured regular stars Jason Lee and Jason Mewes. Sixteen years later, we take a look back at the cast and see where they are now. 

Ben Affleck, Holden McNeil

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Then: Ben Affleck played Holden McNeil, a comic-book artist who falls for a lesbian and embarks on a relationship with her that threatens to ruin his friendship with his lifelong best friend and work partner. Affleck previously appeared in Kevin Smith's 'Mallrats,' and it was Smith who helped both Affleck and Matt Damon get 'Good Will Hunting' made when the two were having studio trouble.

Now: Affleck went on to appear with Matt Damon in Kevin Smith's 'Dogma,' and had a cameo in 'Clerks 2.' He recently won the Oscar for Best Picture for 'Argo,' in which he starred and directed. Affleck can be seen next as Batman in the 'Man of Steel' follow-up, and in David Fincher's adaptation of 'Gone Girl.'

Joey Lauren Adams, Alyssa Jones

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Then: Joey Lauren Adams was dating Kevin Smith when he wrote the script for 'Chasing Amy' and the story was inspired, in part, by her. She played Alyssa, the lesbian comic-book artist who takes a risk and dates Holden. Adams and Affleck had previously appeared together in both 'Dazed and Confused' and 'Mallrats.'

Now: Adams reprised the role of Alyssa Jones in a minor capacity in 'Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back,' and had recurring roles on 'Party Down' and 'United States of Tara.' She recently appeared in the film 'Blue Caprice.'

Jason Lee, Banky Edwards

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Then: Jason Lee played Banky, a guy not too different from Brody, the character he played in Smith's 'Mallrats.'

Now: Lee went on to appear in more Smith films, including 'Dogma' and 'Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back,' but also found success on his own, appearing in 'Almost Famous' and 'Vanilla Sky.' He starred on the sitcom 'My Name Is Earl' and played Dave, the human in the 'Alvin and the Chipmunks' movies.

Dwight Ewell, Hooper X

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Then: Dwight Ewell played Hooper X, a friend of Alyssa's and a fellow comic-book artist who works under the guise of a Malcolm X-type creative, but is secretly gay and more laid back. You might have seen Ewell in the 1994 film 'Party Girl' with Parker Posey, who had starred with Affleck and Adams in 'Dazed and Confused.'

Now: Ewell also appeared in 'Dogma' and 'Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back,' and has had guest spots on '90210' and 'Medium.'

Jason Mewes, Jay

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Then: Jason Mewes played Jay, the mouthy stoner and sidekick of Silent Bob. The pair made their first appearance in Smith's debut film, 'Clerks,' and appeared for the third time, briefly, in 'Chasing Amy.'

Now: Mewes went on to reprise the role of Jay in 'Dogma,' where he and Silent Bob were given more expanded parts, before they had their very own adventure in 'Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.' Mewes re-teamed with Smith for 'Clerks 2,' as well, and has appeared in 'Zack and Miri Make a Porno' and in Smith's other projects, like his Hulu series, 'Spoilers with Kevin Smith.'

Kevin Smith, Silent Bob

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Then: Smith himself played Silent Bob, who mostly remains silent in every film, but will occasionally let loose with some wise anecdote.

Now: Smith currently has a few projects lined up: 'Clerks 3' (which may or may not be a movie -- it seems to always be evolving), the long-awaited hockey tale 'Hit Somebody,' and the horror project 'Tusk,' set to premiere a trailer at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival. In addition to writing and directing, he also runs the Smodcast network of podcasts and has his own AMC series, 'Comic Book Men.'

Casey Affleck, Little Kid

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Then: Casey Affleck, younger brother of Ben, played "Little Kid," an attendee at one of the comic-book conventions where Holden and Banky are signing autographs. The younger had made his big-screen debut two years prior in Gus Van Sant's 'To Die For.' Casey Affleck actually brought the script for 'Good Will Hunting' to Van Sant's attention, and thanks to the efforts of Van Sant and Kevin Smith, the film got made, and the rest is history.

Now: In addition to starring in the 'Ocean's 11' trilogy, Affleck recently appeared in 'Ain't Them Bodies Saints' and lent his voice talents to the animated film 'ParaNorman.' He can be seen next in 'Out of the Furnace' with Christian Bale.