Come on, people, aren't we past this?  The healing had begun from the infamous war of words between 'Community' series creator Dan Harmon and series star Chevy Chase, but now another leaked, albeit older message threatens to derail any progress made on an amicable vibe for the endangered series.

It was heartbreaking enough that NBC's perpetually on-the-bubble sitcom 'Community' faced the very real threat of cancellation even after its return from a forced hiatus, let alone that things between Chevy Chase (Pierce Hawthorne) and series creator Dan Harmon had erupted into such an ugly, public feud between talents.  Chase had since dismissed the significance of an incident which saw Harmon publicly calling out and playing one of Chase's angry voicemails, and even Harmon himself took to his blog to issue a very public, heartfelt apology for his behavior.

So now what?

Well, thanks to whoever leaked it, and the folks at Celebuzz, a new phone conversation between Chase and Harmon has found its way to the public, in which Chase protests his involvement with the show, which he calls "a f--king mediocre sitcom."  Admittedly, the tape is at least a year older than the earlier leaked voicemail, referring to plot lines that took place during the show's second rather than third season, but it's still another sad chapter in the unfortunately negative publicity for the otherwise-bright sitcom.

In the voicemail, Chase protests the manner in which cast and crew improvisations are dismissed, saying:

The other part of the disconnect is obviously, you don't get my humor at all, or what it is I do that's funny, that actually makes people laugh. There are two choices. One is the story line, like everybody gives a sh*t about the f**king story when they don't even know who the characters are, or there's make people laugh.

It's cut down. For what? So people can follow the story line between Joel [McHale] and Gillian [Jacobs]? About love affairs and kissing? Come on man, you're missing the point. This is not my kind of comedy. I thought you hired me for what I can do that's funny. You've got to give me some range.

Harmon doesn't get many words in edgewise, but we've included the full clip of Chevy's audio rant below.  Hopefully, as an older conversation, this latest leak won't rekindle any fires that have damaged the reputation of a brilliant sitcom still in need of viewer support week after week, but it's still sad to see this drama taking center stage.

Streets behind, people.  Are you still loyal to 'Community,' even with the Chevy Chase rants, or is the show better off without him?  Read our latest recaps of the show, and tell us if you think the show is in for a little Chang when it (hopefully) returns next season!