Just as 'Community' finally returned from its long winter hiatus, and a ratings uptick in recent episode combined with a Comedy Central syndication deal suggested that the show was likely to pick up a season 4 renewal, more trouble is a'brewin'.  But it's not coming from the ratings this time...

Deadline reports that 'Community' creator Dan Harmon has entered into a rather nasty feud with one of the show's stars, namely veteran comic actor Chevy Chase.  Chase has been seen as notoriously difficult to work with in the past, but neither side of this particular feud appears to be playing very fair.

According to Deadline and Reddit, the incident began with Chase storming off the 'Community' set on the final day of production for the season, refusing to shoot a key scene that would close out the season.  Some sources say that Chase was angered by not having received a script for the scene ahead of time, while others yet write the actor's outburst off as par for the course of working with him.

Unfortunately, it only gets worse from there, as 'Community' creator and director Dan Harmon proceeded to lead the room at the show's wrap party into a collective chant of "f*ck you, Chevy," with the actor's wife and daughter present.  Afterward, Chase left a profanity-laden voicemail for the director, some of which was recorded (and publicly laughed at) here.  In it, Chevy claims to have not received a script for that day, but asserts that no one talks to him like that, especially with his wife and daughter present.  He's not wrong there.  Updated reports even suggest that the cast was indeed suffering from a lack of script that day, with many of the cast and crew appalled at Harmon's public roast.

It remains unseen how the feud will affect future episodes of 'Community,' as the show has yet to officially be picked up for a fourth season even with its recent ratings success.  Should the show return, Chase himself may opt out, as he recently noted to The Huffington Post "I probably won't be around that much longer, frankly."

What say you, 'Community' fans?  Like Pierce Hawthorne himself, is Chevy Chase destined to be the oddball of the show?  Would you continue watching if in fact the former 'SNL' star made his exit?  Would he be justified in doing so?

Give us your take on Pierce-less 'Community' in the comments below!