Michael Mann has been developing his Enzo Ferrari biopic for about 15 years — in the meantime, he’s directed films like Collateral, Miami Vice and the recent Blackhat. But now it looks like Mann is finally gearing up to commit to the Ferrari project, with Christian Bale in the driver’s seat as the iconic racer and entrepreneur.

According to Deadline, Mann will reunite with Public Enemies star Christian Bale for Ferrari, the biopic about — who else — Enzo Ferrari. Ferrari began his career as a test car driver before moving on to professional racing in 1919 for Alfa Romeo. Over the years, he began focusing more on development and management, ultimately leaving Alfa Romeo in 1932 to found Scuderia Ferrari. It wasn’t until 1947 — and after being forced to engineer cars for Mussolini during World War II — that Ferrari fully founded his own independent company.

Mann’s film will take place 10 years after Ferrari founded his independent company, in 1957, during a time when several Ferrari racers perished while driving his vehicles. His racing practices were often scrutinized and considered controversial, though Ferrari did not speak much about his business publicly, and was known for his reserved nature.

Although many perceived Blackhat as a bit of a stumble for the great director, this passion project should put Mann back on course.

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