Though the Channel Four news team has been reunited in trailer, and all four leads are signed on, there was no word if Christina Applegate's Veronica Corningstone was scheduled to appear in 'Anchorman 2.' Worry no more, she's now confirmed to return to the series.

This comes from Celebuzz who talked to Applegate's representation, which makes it official.

This is good news, mostly. There is no word on what role she'll play or for how long - it's possible she could just be making a cameo - but the question is how calming a presence she'll be on Will Ferrell's Ron Burgundy. Granted, the man could get into an anchor fight once they started dating, but domesticity and wild hijinks don't mix well. That said, we doubt much can keep papa Burgundy from getting into some trouble.

We're not worried about this film in the slightest. and we're happy for Applegate that she gets to return to play. She's had some TV work since 'Anchorman' but few film roles that have given her the chance to show off what a sharp comedienne she can be. Mostly she's been married in pictures like 'Hall Pass' and the like. This could be fun.