Part of what made the first ‘Anchorman’ so special was its unknown factor. Who knew Ben Stiller was going to run down a flight of stairs and yell, “Como estas, beetches?” before getting into a street fight with Tim Robbins and Vince Vaughn? Unfortunately, ‘Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues’ has been at risk of spoiling the same secretive fun the first movie had after cameo details began spilling out from the film’s set earlier in the year. (Apparently, shooting a major sequel outdoors does not dissuade photographers from taking pictures of the action.)

While it would’ve been more fun to go into this film completely unspoiled, you’ll be happy to know that the sequel has managed to keep a few things under the radar. Plus, the cameos that have leaked are still hysterical.

So, in honor of the film’s release, we decided to rank every cameo in ‘Anchorman 2,’ from least to most funny. Is it hypocritical to complain about spoilers and then spoil things for everyone else? Well no, it’s not, because there will be a massive SPOILER ALERT before we get started. So, you know, SPOILER ALERT!

[Note: While it was widely reported that Nicole Kidman would have a cameo, her part either ended up on the cutting room floor, or I just flat-out missed her. So, if you were in the film, Ms. Kidman, I apologize. Your exclusion from this list was not personal.]


    Kirsten Dunst

    Dunst’s cameo is more bizarre than funny. She pops up towards the end of the movie as a Greek Siren, wearing a beautiful white robe and gold-leaf crown. She also stands on a roof and blows a giant horn, so that’s cool.



    All you ‘Degrassi’ fans know Drake’s got acting experience. Here, he directs some of that smooth lady talk he’s been perfecting as a rapper toward Veronica Corningstone. Drake also rocks a leather jacket and an afro, putting all past, present and future leather-jacket-afro combinations to shame. We get it, Drake, we can’t compete with you.


    Sacha Baron Cohen

    As an upstanding British news reporter for the BBC, Cohen’s antics fit in nicely alongside Burgundy and company. This role probably would’ve been funnier if he just showed up as Ali G, but that is neither here nor there. The ‘Borat’ star doesn’t get much screen time, but he does throw in a few memorable one-liners as well as a … uh, knighting ceremony? Well, you’ll understand when you see the film.


    Vince Vaughn

    Reprising his role as Wes Mantooth from the first movie, Vaughn shows up for a brief but crucial moment in ‘Anchorman 2,’ wearing a leather jacket and riding a motorcycle. It’s more of the same cocky shtick from Vaughn, but it’s nice to see him back nonetheless.


    Kanye West

    From the looks of it, the rapper/artist/fashion designer/etc. etc. stuck to the script in this, playing an MTV News reporter with a gold grill. Kanye doesn’t say anything funny, per se, but that doesn’t really matter. His appearance alone is reason enough to laugh. Also, he apparently stuck around to do some background work after he shot what he needed to, so bonus points for that.

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    Will Smith

    Here, Will Smith plays an ESPN reporter with thick sideburns. His cameo in the film confirms two things: Smith still knows how to be funny, and ‘After Earth’ would’ve been a thousand times better if he would've just played a wise-cracking sports reporter instead of a stern military figure.

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    Marion Cottilard

    Though the Oscar-winning actress isn’t known for her comedy, she’s got great timing here. In the film, Cotillard plays a French Canadian news anchor who ends up hitting some hockey pucks in Will Ferrell’s direction. (This is a sentence I never thought I would form).


    Jim Carrey

    It was only fitting to make Carrey the other half of the Canadian news team -- considering he originally hailed from Canada -- who throws insults but says “sorry” afterward. Not only does he come with a sense of North-of-the-border humility, but he apparently brings a hockey stick and a pile of pucks everywhere he goes. Canadians!


    John C. Reilly

    In ‘Anchorman 2,’ John C. Reilly plays the ghost of Stonewall Jackson. John C. Reilly is awesome in this. John C. Reilly is awesome everything.


    Harrison Ford

    Ford stars as Mack Harken, a veteran news anchor and quasi-mentor to Ron Burgundy. (No word on whether Harken is canon to Ford’s 2010 rom-com ‘Morning Glory.’) Ford is known for being an ornery cuss, and while the media does its best to perpetuate this reputation, the veteran actor seems to embrace it regardless, both on and offscreen. I mean, remember that interview where he referred to Christina Applegate as Applesauce?


    Liam Neeson

    When Neeson showed up carrying a sword, I kept thinking, "If this film took place before ‘Taken,’ Liam Neeson carrying a sword wouldn’t be nearly as scary." Alas, ‘Taken’ did happen, as did ‘Taken 2,’ ‘The Grey,’ and any other future movie where Liam decides to kick someone’s ass. Here he ends up firing a cannon.


    Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

    The hardest-working pair in show business! In ‘Anchorman 2,’ Fey and Poehler play entertainment news reporters who have a penchant for finishing each other’s lines. Not only do they put in the funniest cameo(s) in the movie, they spend most of it swinging crowbars at people. Let me tell you, there is nothing funnier than watching these two former ‘SNL’ stars swing crowbars. (This will probably be a good warmup for the Golden Globes when they host again this January.)