Josh Trank has been one of the most buzzed about directors of late after his film 'Chronicle' made $63 Million (and more internationally). One would think directing a found footage film wouldn't lead to prestige, but 20th Century Fox was courting him for 'The Fantastic Four' reboot, and he was rumored to be heading up the Spider-Man spin-off  'Venom.' Now it looks like Trank is attached to yet another comic adaptation.

Deadline is reporting that Trank is now attached to the comic 'The Red Star' for Warner Brothers.

Christian Gossett is the creator of the comic book, which is about an alternate universe Soviet Union that has both advanced technology and magic. There's a script that's been in the works by Jason Rothenberg who must have impressed Warner Brothers with his work on the upcoming 'Twilight Zone' movie. The other projects that Trank was rumored for don't yet have writers.

Interestingly, Matt Reeves is helming the 'Zone' update, so Rothenberg will have a history working with found footage directors. Reeves proved his visual chops with 'Let Me In,' where this will be Trank's chance to show his camera prowess. It's unknown if he's completely out of the picture on his other rumored titles, but as there is a script (at least in development) with this film, it's at least got some footing in production. Then again, you never know, and this could just be one of string of projects Trank gets attached to before something gets the green light.