When last we saw this movie it was called Fonzo. Now it’s called Capone, which probably makes more sense since it’s about the famous gangster, Al Capone. Whatever it’s called, its director, Josh Trank, says that this movie is “his cut” of the film. And it’s coming on May 12.

Trank shared the first trailer for the film on his Twitter. Yes, that’s Tom Hardy as an older Capone, who might have possible dementia, which sounds like the ultimate Tom Hardy role. Watch the trailer below:

Capone will be Josh Trank’s first released film since his disastrous 2015 Fantastic Four reboot. In the interim, Trank began developing a Star Wars spinoff film, then departed that project before anything came of it. He also recently reviewed his Fantastic Four movie (and not entirely positively!) on Letterboxd. (“Is there a #releasethetrankcut? Doesn’t matter. I’m not Zack Snyder.”) Of course, before Fantastic Four, Trank made Chronicle, a terrifically dark reimagining of superhero iconography. The guy who made that movie was definitely talented. If he’s the filmmaker who shows up for Capone, it could definitely be worth watching.

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