Is 'The Big Bang Theory' about to graduate into cold-hard facts of life?  It's not as crazy as it sounds, based on sitcom magnate Chuck Lorre's new deal with Warner Bros. TV!  The 'Two and a Half Men' creator has just inked a new contract that will allow Lorre to push into drama, as well as feature film, but will it mean short-changing all his beloved sitcoms?  Can Sheldon Cooper translate to the real world? 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, 'Two and a Half Men,' 'The Big Bang' Theory' and 'Mike & Molly' creator Chuck Lorre isn't straying from Warner Bros. TV anytime soon.  The network has just put into play a new four-year contract with Lorre that keeps him attached to his current shows, but also paves the way for the producer to start pushing into drama development, and even long-form projects.

While that isn't to say that any of Lorre's well-known series will be hitting the big screen anytime soon, it does give him the opportunity to develop feature films, which could move to theaters or potentially air on television in broadcast or cable.  Says Warner Bros. TV president Peter Roth of the new deal, "Chuck Lorre is the quintessential comedy writer-producer of our time, the most successful creator/showrunner of the last 25 years in this business...We are so incredibly excited -- and honored -- to be continuing our partnership with him"

Not to be outdone, Lorre also chimed in on the lucrative new arrangement:

I'm proud to say that at 12 years and counting, my relationship with Warner Bros. is now officially longer than either of my marriages. With that in mind, it seemed appropriate to extend our little corporate love affair and try for 'until death do us part.'

I'm also excited to have an opportunity to venture into the world of drama. After writing and producing sitcoms for 20 years, it’ll be a welcome relief to take all the violence, insanity and human suffering from behind the cameras and put it out front.

And finally, the feature component of this new deal allows me to fulfill a lifelong ambition -- to have a project in turnaround.

Uh-oh.  Does that mean we'll get a meta-drama series about working behind the scenes with temperamental stars?  One can only hope!  Tell us what you think of Chuck Lorre's potential for drama or movies in the comments below!