Whether or not you believe that Trump’s Hamilton controversy with VP-Elect Mike Pence was intended to draw attention from the Trump University settlement, it certainly made for one of the more unusual Presidential feuds in history, Hamilton included. So much so, that Stephen Colbert sought to enter the conflict into history with its own Hamilton-esque hip-hop musical.

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert debuted the Hamilton-style opener at the tail end of Colbert’s Monday monologue, complete with a quaff of Trump hair underneath a tricorn hat. In it, Colbert raps about the weekend incident, which saw Pence booed by the crowd and addressed directly by the Hamilton cast, for which Trump naturally demanded an apology and referred to the show as “overrated.” Nuh-uh, buddy.

Entertainment Weekly even transcribed some of Colbert’s lyrics:

How does an orange bully, son of a bitch, and a con man, grabbing p—y with Gary Busey, no taxes evident, grow up to be a hero and the president. Well the story of my reign starts on the Great White Way with a great white-haired veep who doesn’t like the gay. I always thought the theater was a safe and special place but when the vice president’s in residence, some thugs get up in his face. Cameras blazing come right at him with his scary tights, blast him, bang, with a request to protect their rights. Stabbing him with rudeness, the cast casting aspersions before Pence can hit them back with some gay conversions. He got a lecture. He got hectored in his tiny little seat. I won’t let my veep go down like that. Men, to the tweets!

You can watch the full monologue above (we’ve cued it up to the Hamilton portion, and then wash that sound out of your ears with the real thing.

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