The Comic-Con 2012 Open Road panel showcased two upcoming movies -- 'End of Watch,' starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena; and 'Silent Hill: Revelations 3D,' starring Adelaide Clemens and Kit Harington -- and featuring world premiere footage of both.

Both 'End of Watch' stars joined us on the panel with writer/director David Ayer, but unfortunately Kit Karington couldn't join his buddies Clemens and director Samuel Hadida. As we previously reported, he had to cancel is appearance on the 'Game of Thrones' panel due to an ankle injury, which also meant the 'Silent Hill' segment would be left Harington-less. But even without him, we were able to snag some new info about the next installment of this horror flick series.

I know for a fact that I watched 'Silent Hill.' I remember gorgeous imagery of a blonde woman wandering through a deserted town in the snow and I remember a gigantic maniac with a triangle on his head.

Other than that... well... let's just say that my memory has a dreamlike quality. (Midnight screening -- I fell asleep, sue me.)

Open Road Films brought footage of their 3D sequel 'Silent Hill: Revelation.' It was a bit out of context but, like the first one, it looked very slick.

The first clip has a very young, very blond, very scared woman in some kind of storeroom. She sees someone wrapped up in icky larvae and runs to it. It is... ANOTHER young blonde and when she is freed they turn to see a giant tarantula.

Only it's not a tarantula, it is a spider-like assemblage of mannequin parts. Before it gives chase it takes a mannequin head, sticks it right in the center of the camera as it opens its eyes and screams. Cool. I don't know what it means, but, still, cool.

The girls are now racing in peril. One looks up. There's a giant 3D sign that says EXIT. "We can get out there." Yes, that's true.

In a second clip, a young twink with a giant belt buckle is tied to a hospital gurney. Some intricately designed mannequin-zombie-nurses begin doing what can only be described as a horror-inflected interpretive dance. Our boy on the table finds an escape before they are able to get at him with their creepy surgical tools.

The film's director, Michael J. Bassett, says that the film is for fans of the first movie, fans of the game and for complete newcomers as well.

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