During Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures' panel presentation at Comic-Con 2013, the studios snuck in the debut of the first test footage for ‘Warcraft’ from director Duncan Jones.

The film is based on the popular multi-player online RPG, 'World of Warcraft,' and the studios have been trying to get the film adaptation off the ground for several years now -- at one point, Sam Raimi was attached to direct, but he dropped out last summer. Duncan Jones ('Moon,' 'Source Code') came on board earlier this year, and some progress seems to have finally been made.

The footage shown today opens in a desert, 'Riddick'-esque landscape, desolate except for one medieval warrior in armor wielding a sword. He pulls a lion-head shield from a bony corpse, prepping for a battle as he bangs his weapons together.

Then the camera zooms out to reveal a mysterious figure staring at him from a distance. Though we can only view his back, the audience goes wild when we see the green-skinned, Hulk-like creature slamming its orc hammer on the ground. Both figures charge at each other as the orc lets out a booming war cry before each character clashes their weapons together. The screen cuts to black and the 'Warcraft' title logo emerges.

Though no other major information was revealed, Jones did reveal that production will start in early 2014.