Every year, Comic-Con comes complete with some major surprises -- be it the announcement of an unexpected film or the reveal of a major piece of casting -- but rarely do such surprises involving rap superstars randomly popping on stage in the middle of a panel to sing their biggest hit alongside one of entertainment's most beloved leading men. In what has to be a first-time event, Biz Markie interrupted the 'Book of Life' panel to rock out to his classic jam, "Just A Friend," and was then ... joined by star Channing Tatum?

The stunt does have a somewhat applicable tie-in, though, as the animated Jorge Gutierrez film (produced by Peter Jackson, who was also in attendance) is filled with well-known modern jams, including Markie's signature hit. Gutierrez's love of such songs served as a major point during the feature's Comic-Con panel, though that doesn't mean anyone expected that Markie would run right out to rap a little. Or that Tatum would join him. Or that Tatum would not only know the lyrics without a hitch, but that he would subsequently show off some seriously stellar pipes. Has anyone got a biopic about a singer that they need a star for?

'The Book of Life' opens on October 17, 2014.