Six seasons and a panel! School is back in session as ‘Community’ returns from the grave once more to stage a panel at Comic-Con 2014. The cast and crew -- including creator Dan Harmon, executive producer Chris McKenna, and stars Joel McHaleGillian Jacobs, Jim Rash and Dino Stamatopoulos -- all hit San Diego this afternoon to celebrate Greendale’s move to Yahoo Screen, so find out what ‘Community’ season 6 has in store with our full report on today’s panel!

  • Of course, everyone on hand promoted Yahoo Screen not only as the show’s saviors, but as a wonderful service in its own right. Jokingly, everyone else also snuck in promotions for Stamatopoulos' own upcoming comic, 'Trent.'
  • No direct concepts or stories have been written for the new season, though Harmon joked about a 'Pokemon'-centric episode he’d been kicking around. Fans were into the idea, thought Dan was quick to assure he wasn’t serious
  • What cast members will return? Well, John Oliver is “contractually possible” in spite of his HBO commitment, but nothing on Jonathan Banks, who has since become a ‘Better Call Saul’ regular. When asked who might fill Pierce’s seat this year, Joel McHale joked, “It’s Benedict Cumberbatch.”
  • One of the bigger questions posed during the panel was whether or not Donald Glover might return, given the character’s offscreen predicament of being captured by pirates with LeVar Burton. Harmon admits that Troy might be in a bit of peril, but “that’s what movies are made of.” Might we have a direction for the inevitable movie?
  • Halloween and Christmas episodes might be tricky with the new season, as writers and producers aren’t exactly sure when they might air. Dan believes they’ll write in the fall, which should put the premiere sometime “after Christmas.” Episodes will air weekly, not the all-at-once Netflix model.
  • There will indeed be fewer “shackles” under Yahoo than NBC, but Dan has more interest in keeping true to the characters and the spirit of the show than doing anything too drastic.
  • Asked why they decided to set the show in Colorado, Dan Harmon said that he preferred to keep the setting vague, as is often the case with TV, though the legal department needed a specific setting for character and copyright protection purposes.
  • Responding to one of the fans asking questions, Dan pointed out that they’d previously pitched an episode where Jeff inherited a dog, and had to carry it around In a Baby Bjorn.

Well, what say you? Are you excited for 'Community' season 6, by all we've learned from the Comic-Con 2014 panel? Tell us what you want to see from the new season in the comments!

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