Well, that's...something?  Yesterday NBC went on a spending spree to pick up no less than five new original series, both comedic and dramatic, in addition to their already picked up order of Matthew Perry's new single-camera comedy 'Go On.'  Yet with all these new pickups, fans still wait patiently for news of its current crop of comedy, namely '30 Rock, 'Community' and 'Parks and Recreation.'

We might have an update, but is it good news?

According to sources at Deadline, the prospects are good for all three, though there's something of a catch.  With its writers re-signed, most likely to be renewed is '30 Rock,' but for a 13-14 episode season that would definitively be billed as the show's last.  Similarly, 'Parks and Recreation' and 'Community' are likely to receive similar offers (minus implication of their final seasons), 'Parks' looking a little stronger for the effort.  Saving money on renewals for all three series would return a bit of the money spent in NBC's most recent pickups.

Still no word on a renewals for 'The Office,' which despite series stars' attempts to allay concerns, faces the prospect of a number of key creative and cast departures.  Conversely, NBC's most recent attempt at three-camera comedy in Whitney Cummings' 'Whitney' is unlikely to return, and though prospects for 'Up All Night' seemed good, executive producer Jon Pollack just moved to NBC’s 'Go On' as a co-executive producer.  A bad sign?

Further details will be forthcoming, but what say you?  Would you be relieved to have your favorite NBC shows back, even if it meant having shorter season orders?  Which of the new shows are you most looking forward to?  Give us your take in the comments!

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