Please, make it stop.  Chevy Chase, you break our hearts whenever you open your mouth about 'Community.'  That's right, it seems as though even weeks after the fervor of 'Community' star and comedy legend Chevy' Chase's feud with series creator Dan Harmon seems to have died down, the silver-haired comedian is at it again with any reporter who asks.

Vulture had a chance to catch up with Chase last night at the opening night of the Columbia University Film Festival at Lincoln Center, where the star ducked a few questions, but still made no secret of his issues with the series' brand of comedy.  Chase wouldn't speculate about the direction his character Pierce Hawthorne might take in future episodes, given that they don't yet know if 'Community' will return for a fourth season, but did note that to improve the series he'd "make it funnier" with his own brand of humor, and adds he's "getting tired" of playing his character.

Speaking on Pierce and the work of his co-stars, Chase explained:

I just don't think the writing of that character reflects what I do comedically, and I love the people I work with. They're all good kids, and they all do very well in their parts. But I don't think anyone has a sense of what to do with me, so I got to play some gray-haired, biased, bigoted guy. I've been too funny in my life to have to play a character who's...moderately funny.

Still, Chase downplayed any remaining significance to his public feud with Dan Harmon, describing it as "long gone" since the two had a chance to speak with one another.  Ever one to remain vocally critical, Chase also refused to speculate on whether or not time would heal any wounds that the show has sustained in the supposed controversy, closing with "I wouldn't answer such a cliché."  Ouch, Chevy.

What say you?  Has Chase begun fueling yet another fire that sees negative attention brought to an already-unfairly treated show?  Should 'Community' receive a fourth season, and dispose of Chase's character in the process?  Give us your take on all this streets-behind madness in the comments below!