Sadly, the time has come and gone to see a new Halloween-themed episode of 'Community' on track with this year's actual holiday, considering that NBC pulled the series from airing on its intended dates.  So even if if we end up having to wait until February for the latest from the Greendale Gang, that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the holiday with the cast of 'Community' right now!  Make your own trailer, choose your own adventure, and check out the 'Community' Horror Picture Show!

We'd like to say that it wouldn't be Halloween without a fresh episode of 'Community,' but NBC has advised us not to take that bet.  Fortunately, the Greendale gang will still manage to deliver this season, even if the 'Community;' season 4 premiere and its subsequent Halloween episode won't hit the airwaves for some time.  In the meantime, we've got the 'Community' Horror Picture Show!

Using the below interactive menu, you can string together past 'Community' clips to form a trailer of your own, or even string through the different Halloween episodes in a kind of "Choose Your Own Adventure" style of play.  So while we'll have to make do without any fresh 'Community' this season, and delay our long-awaited trip to Pierce's mansion, play through the game below and tell us your favorite 'Community' Halloween episode in the comments!