Six seasons and a movie and a mini-reunion? We wouldn’t recommend holding your breath for news of another Community season, or the long-awaited movie, but series star Ken Jeong at least found a place for some of the Greendale Gang. Both Joel McHale and Danny Pudi will drop by their fellow alumnus’ ABC sitcom Dr. Ken, and things might get meta from there.

Perhaps in a show of support for Jeong having played Community crazy for so many seasons, erstwhile Jeff and Abed Joel McHale and Dany Pudi will appear on the February 5 outing of Dr. Ken, according to TVInsider. The episode will be Valentine’s Day-themed, and tape in January.

According to the report, ex-Soup host McHale will play Ross Kirkland, the “snarky bulldog of a medical malpractice attorney, who’s been a nemesis of Ken’s for years. Ken finally gets his chance to go toe-to-toe with Ross when their children strike up a Romeo and Juliet-style romance.” Meanwhile, Pudi will appear in a seemingly unrelated role as Topher Mitchum, “Julie’s (Kate Simses) on-again/off-again boyfriend. Seemingly sweet and unassuming, Topher is, in reality, a manipulative Casanova, who inexplicably has Julie under his spell.”

Master of meta Abed would surely have something to say about the guest appearance, but is a Dr. Ken reunion our best hope at seeing the Community cast together again?