As unfathomable as it is to believe that NBC wants us to be aware this time around we're less than three weeks from the long awaited season 4 premiere of 'Community,' even if it comes at the expense of our beloved '30 Rock.' NBC has released two new official clips from the long-delayed season 4 premiere "History 101," but has the show's Facebook accidentally leaked a big spoiler about Jeff's dad? New videos and details of 'Community' season 4 inside!

The day is nearly upon us when we step back into the halls of Greendale Community College, for what sadly may be the gang's final year. Meta as ever, Abed (Danny Pudi) is no stranger to this fact, and as such the latest clip from 'Community' season 4 premiere episode "History 101" finds that notion a bit difficult to deal with.

Annie (Allison Brie) isn't handling the potential transition to the real world so delicately either, but as with the second clip from the February 7 premiere, she and Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown) have found a much more constructive outlet to vent their feelings on senioritis.

The clips from 'Community's premiere are below, but we thought we'd draw attention to an interesting post from the 'Community' Facebook page, which (for now) seems to identify Malcolm McDowell's upcoming guest turn as that of Jeff Winger (Joel McHale)'s father! Now, we'd previously known McDowell to be playing the gang's new history teacher Professor Cornwallis, with Hollywood icon James Brolin playing Jeff's father, but even we previously noted a peculiar resemblance between McHale and McDowell, before Brolin's casting.

We'll see if NBC truly Britta'd things and corrects the error, but for now take a look at the latest clip's from 'Community's season 4 premiere "History 101," and be sure to tune in for the Greendale gang's new season on February 7!

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