Now that the buzz surrounding Chevy Chase's unceremonious 'Community' exit has largely died out, we can all go back to the usual level of eye-gouging agony that is the wait until the February 7 premiere. And while we knew that film star Malcolm McDowell would take a role in the upcoming season, new details have emerged concerning how he comes to antagonize our beloved Greendale gang. Is he really who he says he is, and what does his appearance have to do with kidnapping?

The wait for 'Community' season 4's February 7 premiere grows shorter with each passing minute, but who can pass up a bit of fresh scoop from what might be the Greendale Seven's final season? IGN recently spoke to actor Malcolm McDowell, who was surprisingly liberal about his role in the upcoming season as history professor Cornwallis. Yes, he's descended from that Cornwallis.

McDowell explained that his pompous introduction to the class would culminate in the entire gang failing one of his first assignments, and kidnapping the professor by the second episode! "[Chang] (Ken Jeong) has got some agenda which I don’t quite understand. I’ve failed them all and so he’s tied me up.”

McDowell also clarified that most of his scenes were shared with Joel McHale, and that the entire second episode would feature the character inexplicably wearing sunglasses, following McDowell's own detached retinas. Don't get too comfortable with the good professor though, as "you find out that he isn’t who he seems to be.”

What say you? Are you as anxious as we are for the fourth season of 'Community' to start on February 7? Give us your predictions in the comments!

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