One of the sad trade-offs of network comedies is that despite larger episode orders, episodes tend to shoot in studio, thus making it difficult to procure much news from filming.  So while we don't get know much about the hotly-anticipated 'Community' season 4, the first under new show-runners Moses Port and David Guarascio, we've all got our potential wishlist.  What's one 'Community' star saying they'd love to see as an episode?

'Community' is known if nothing else for its array of high-concept episodes, everything from all-out paintball wars to 8-bit video-game style animation and more.  With so many genre episodes under their belt, and the danger of 'Community' season 4's 13-episore order being the last, what other zany episodes might the writers have in store?  'Community' star Yvette Nicole Brown (Shirley) certainly has her pick, as she told readers of her Reddit AMA earlier today:

I've been begging for a full on Muppet episode where we're all made of felt and bounce around instead of walk. ;)

Certainly a Muppet (or puppet, depending on the rights) episode wouldn't be out of the question, given that the show has retreated into animation a number of times before, from clay-mation to full-on anime.  As Vulture points out, even '30 Rock' has gone to Muppets now and again, given that Kenneth Parcell supposedly sees everything in Muppet-vision.

What say you?  Do you think a Muppet episode of 'Community' would work?  Of the 13 episodes officially ordered what new genres do you think the show could explore?  Give us your ideas in the comments below!