Hard to imagine that 'Community' season 5 has already begun production, considering Dan Harmon, returning series creator, and the Greendale gang know ahead of time this year that NBC will likely hold the cult comedy to midseason. Nonetheless, production on the premiere has officially gotten underway, returning 'Childrens Hospital' and 'Hot Tub Time Machine 2' star Rob Corddry to face off against Jeff once more!

TVLine broke the news of Corddry's return, though no new details on the character have yet been confirmed by NBC. Presumably, Corddry's latest sting as Jeff's law-school friend and coworker Alan Connor will tie into Jeff's Greendale return, following the 'Community' leading man's graduation in season 4 finale "Advanced Introduction to Finality."

Corddry has made only two appearances on the series to date, despite the character's significant role as the one to expose Jeff's phony law degree, ultimately sending him to community college at the outset of the series. In addition to his role in season 2 premiere "Accounting for Lawyers," Corddry's character was also present for season 3 finale "Introduction to Finality," the last episode of series creator Dan Harmon's original tenure.

Elsewhere, relatively little has been revealed of 'Community' season 5, though Harmon revealed at Comic-Con 2013 his intent to draft a second Dungeons & Dragons-themed episode. Chevy Chase will not return, while star Donald Glover will take a reduced five-episode role to develop his own FX series 'Atlanta.'

We're happy to see 'Community' season 5 off to a running start, but what say you? Does Rob Corddry's return have you optimistic for season 5?

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