We all know Wonder Woman — she’s one of the most iconic member of the Justice League and there’s a new movie about her coming out next year, maybe you’ve heard — but what do we know about how she came to be created? The comic character’s actual history is a fascinating tale, and today Connie Britton and Oliver Platt have just been cast in Sony’s film about her origins, titled Professor Marston & The Wonder Women.

Deadline reports that Britton and Platt are the latest to join the cast which includes Rebecca Hall, Luke Evans, and Bella Heathcoate. Britton plays a psychologist who called Professor Marston, the creator of Wonder Woman, anti-feminist, and Platt will play M. C. Gaines, the editor at Sensation Comics who discovered Superman. Here’s Deadline’s outline of the synopsis, as we know it:

The film details the true story of Dr. William Moulton Marston (Evans), Harvard psychologist and inventor who created Wonder Woman in 1941; his wife, fellow psychologist and inventor Elizabeth (Hall); and their polyamorous relationship with Olive Byrne (Heathcote), a former student of Marston’s and an academic in her own right.

A bit of trivia: Marston was the inventor of the lie detector test, and believed that women were more honest than men. Sounds like the kind of guy who’d invent a powerful Amazon with a truth lasso. His wife was the one to suggest that his character be female, and their lover Olive was the model for Diana Prince. The plurality of the title — “Wonder Women,” instead of “Wonder Woman” — suggests that this movie will be as much about the real women in Marston’s life who influenced his character, as the character herself. The trio has a fascinating history, and it’s astonishing that their story hasn’t been made into a movie yet.

Professor Marston & The Wonder Woman also has a diverse bunch on the production side: director Angela Robinson is a gay woman of color, and the production studio Topple Productions was co-founded by Transparent’s Jill Soloway. Wonder Woman was the standout character in Batman v. Superman, and it’s about time we got to know a little more about how she happened in the first place.

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