Yeah, we know, it's a cat in a costume, but this Heisenberg Kitty inspired by 'Breaking Bad' is our pick for Cosplay of the Day, and he's ready to claw his way up to the top of the meth business.

Someone took the liberty of dressing up their cat as Walter White/Heisenberg (Heisenpurrg?) from 'Breaking Bad,' and the results are delightfully hilarious. This cat is ready to make his own meth from scratch with his little lab suit and beaker. And now we know what those little blue crystals in cat litter are really made of.

George the Kat has his very own Instagram feed where his owner posts pictures of him in different costumes -- you can see George dressed up for Easter, New Year's and even in a Bane mask ("When my food bowl is empty, you have my purrmission to die!"). Besides having awesome costumes, George is just really friggin' cute, especially with that little goatee. Like, cat-nap that kitty and hold him for ransom-cute. Not that we will....(?)

George was also dressed up as regular button-down Walter White, with faux head injury, and in a black hat and sunglasses for classic Heisenberg with a shirt that says, "Ask me about meth." That's probably not the kind of thing you want to advertise, George.

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