Don't blink, keep an eye out for tally marks on your arms, and order up a round of fish fingers and custard, because 'Doctor Who''s Amy Pond has come to call!

The fiery redhead was the 11th Doctor's previous companion and has proven herself to be one of the feistiest in the series' history. While her police uniform is perhaps her most iconic look, who could forget that outfit she wore at the lake during "The Impossible Astronaut" arc and the promo shot with her shouldering the American flag.

Here is cosplayer Kristine, from the Cosplay Equinox group, pulling off Amelia Pond's look from "The Impossible Astronaut." She's even chosen a lake as a backdrop and is rocking the American flag in order to accurately recreate the promo photo. We think posing without the Doctor while holding his Sonic Screwdriver and tagging up her own arm with tally marks are nice touches that definitely convey some of the more memorable parts of the story arc.

See more of her great cosplay, which includes outfits from 'The Legend of Korra,' 'Final Fantasy,' and other 'Doctor Who' characters, on her DeviantART page. Let us know what you think of this impossible cosplayer!

Cosplay Equinox

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