You better call He-Man in real quick 'cause this lady Skeletor is about to own all our butts. Today's cosplay is an impressive gender swap from a cosplayer we really admire.

Freddie Nova is a talented cosplayer who's Facebook page says she attended Xavier's School for the Gifted (wink), which means she must be pretty smart. Her take on Skeletor, photographed by her friend Adam Jay of Superhero Photography, is intense.

This isn't some feminine gender swap that sexes up a classic male character -- oh, no. This is some serious gender swap cosplay that takes Skeletor of 'He-Man and the Masters of the Universe' fame and somehow makes him even more imposing and scary. Actually, we weren't even scared of Skeletor until we saw Freddie's cosplay. Those abs! That spooky green skull-face! We're not even sure if that's a real ram skull, but because she looks like she can kick our asses, we're going to assume it is.

You can see some photos of Freddie Nova as Skeletor below, or head over to her Facebook page to check out more of her cosplay creations, which are equally impressive and intimidating.

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