If you've ever watched 'Transformers' back in the day, you probably remember the rambunctious Decepticon named Starscream. This robot of the skies always wanted to wrestle command of the Decepticons away from Megatron, but was almost always foiled, usually by his own doing. Today we honor him and his be-smirked face as the Cosplay of the Day!

Few 'Transformers' are as well-known and iconic as Starscream. He was blessed with a mutant Spark and was almost indestructible, making him one of the more unique Decepticons. And if his attitude didn't make him seem too cool for school, then maybe the fact that he could turn into a freakin' jet might have won you over!

Inside the Starscream suit is Chelseycosplay, who designed the entire outfit out of "random craft junk." She used craft foam, cardboard covered in craft foam and a whole lot of fabric and hot glue. The face uses a craft mask as a base, and the helmet is made of upholstery foam covered in black craft foam. According to her description, the whole outfit can be "put on and taken off within five minutes and all velcros [sic] into place."

Check out more of her awesome costume work, which includes characters such as Link from The Legend of Zelda, on deviantART, and let us know your thoughts on this ambitious Decepticosplay!

David Blue