Fans of Bill Lawrence's post- 'Scrubs' wine-soaked sitcom 'Cougar Town' all breathed a collective sigh of relief earlier this year when TBS announced it would pick up the show for a fourth season, preventing ABC from giving it the cork.  But when will the cul de sac crew crew officially return?  Rather than straight out tell you, why not show you in joyous song, chock with cameos and one very happy 'Community' character?

Break out the wine!  TBS has rather ingeniously announced that 'Cougar Town will make its official season 4 debut on TBS beginning Tuesday, January 8.  But rather than issue some drab press release to confirm the news, the series put together an original music video for "We're Back," sung by series star Josh Hopkins!

The video also features a number of famous faces, from Nia Vardolos to (disguised) 'Scrubs' alum Neil Flynn and Sarah Chalke, but best of all is 'Community's Abed!  Fans of either series will remember that Abed was a self-professed 'Cougar Town' fan who claimed to have worked part as an extra in one episode, only for 'Cougar Town' to oblige by featuring the character in the background of a scene.

Check out the catchy jingle for 'Cougar Town's January 8 return below, polish off the rest of the wine, and tell us what you want to see from the cul de sac crew in season 4!

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