This fall, The CW adds another superhero series to its lineup with Batwoman, starring Ruby Rose as one of the most interesting members of the Bat-Family. The first trailer for the series is pretty extensive and does a nice job of setting up the premise of the show. You can watch it above.

Rose plays Katherine Kane, who becomes a vigilante to rescue the woman she loves. The trailer also features Dougray Scott as her father Jacob Kane, and Camrus Johnson as Luke Fox, who’s the son of Lucius Fox and serves basically the same role Lucius played for Bruce Wayne, helping her with technology and equipment. For unexplained reasons, Batman is MIA, which leaves Gotham City in need of a new protector. Once Kate gets Luke to refit the Batsuit for a woman, she’s ready to take on that role.

Batwoman is set within the same Arrowverse as the other CW superhero series like The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, and the pilot was directed by Marcos Siega, whose worked on shows like The Vampire DiariesVeronica MarsCharlie’s Angels, and Blindspot. The trailer actually looks great; I’ve liked Ruby Rose in some of her supporting roles and she seems perfectly cast as a superhero. The design of her final Batwoman suit is terrific too. No specific premiere date has been announced yet, but you can expect it on Sundays coming this fall on the CW.

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