The DC cinematic universe at this point is its own Gordian Knot of rumors and threads of rumors that are rarely legit and usually peter out and go nowhere. On the other hand, Rick Famuyiwa just confirmed one of these rumors on his Twitter, where he posted a photo yesterday of the latest draft of The Flash script. In the photo, you can see the feet of two Funko Pop figures: the Flash, naturally, as well as those of Cyborg.

It’s been rumored for a while now that Victor Stone would appear in the Flash’s solo film, but no one knew for sure or in what capacity he’d be helping out. It seems Famuyiwa is confirming not only that he’ll be in the film, but also that his role won’t be a small one. A Flash-Cyborg team-up wouldn’t be too weird, as they’ll already have met once Batman gets the band together for Justice League in 2017.

Back in August, Variety confirmed that Cyborg’s possible appearance in The Flash would prime audiences for his own solo film a few years later. DC’s model right now is to use their big-name tentpoles to introduce us to the less well-known characters with smaller roles, who then go on to have their own solo outings later on if it appears they’re a fan favorite. From what we’ve seen of Justice League, Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen certainly looks like the most entertaining of the bunch, and if it works, he and Ray Fisher as Cyborg teaming up for a buddy superhero movie could be a ton of fun.

The Flash hits theaters March 16, 2018.