With everyone obsessed with Star Wars: The Force Awakens, very few people noticed the other huge hit of December: the Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg comedy Daddy’s Home. Very quietly, this film about the rivalry between a square stepdad (Ferrell) and a supercool biological father (Wahlberg) grossed more than $150 million in the U.S. and $240 million worldwide. The movie made $70 million more than The Other Guys, the first film that paired Ferrell and Wahlberg together as mismatched buddies, and it was Ferrell’s biggest comedy since Elf back in 2003. Daddy’s Home was a bigger success than the first Anchorman or Talladega Nights (or any Adam McKay / Will Ferrell movie, for that matter).

If you saw the movie (and clearly a lot of you did) you know how the movie ended. (If you didn’t see it, I am about to spoil it.) Ferrell and Wahlberg finally settled their differences and found a way to coexist as one happy family. Wahlberg’s Dusty gets a good job and buys the house across the street from Ferrell’s Brad, Dusty’s ex-wife Sara (Linda Cardellini), and their kids. Dusty even gets married to a woman with her own daughter, becoming a stepdad himself. Everything seems perfect ... until Dusty’s new wife’s ex-husband shows up and he’s John Freaking Cena <CUE JOHN CENA MEME>, the only guy cool enough to make cool dad Dusty look like a loser.

It was a great last gag for the movie, but it only dawned on me this morning that this was actually a perfect cliffhanger for a sequel too, as Deadline reports that Ferrell and Wahlberg have signed on to reprise their roles in a Daddy’s Home sequel. The first film’s co-writers, Sean Anders and John Morris, will write the script as well (Anders also directed the first film).

Deadline doesn’t say whether any of the rest of the cast will be back, and they claim the storyline is being kept “under wraps.” But in an ideal world, the story’s obvious: Ferrell and Wahlberg team up to do battle with their new arch-rival John Cena, who’s been so great lately in comedies like Trainwreck and Sisters. If I was Paramount, I’d give Cena whatever he wants, maybe cast Big Show and Chris Jericho as his poker buddies, and let them go to war with Ferrell and Wahlberg. And more scenes at The Panda this time. That place was magic.

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