We don’t yet have a clear sense of what The Daily Show with Trevor Noah will look like, and while we’ve heard a few big names suggested prior, our future Daily Show almost looked very different. Not only did the inimitable Amy Poehler (briefly) consider an offer to host, but so too did Chris Rock apparently mull over taking the chair for a time.

A wide-ranging New York Times article on Comedy Central’s current state of affairs has yielded some surprising (and sadly unsurprising) details of the search to replace Jon Stewart, namely that the Daily Show desk might well have become a game of musical chairs. For one, comedian Chris Rock actually considered taking the gig through November 8, 2016, on the condition he be replaced after the election cycle.

And for those of us who miss SNL alum Amy Poehler’s presence on the Weekend Update desk, Comedy Central had indeed hoped to extend an offer, though, well…Poehler’s response is best described by the report:

The network made a call to Amy Poehler, for instance, to gauge her interest. (As someone outside the company with knowledge of the exchange put it, ‘They were pretty much expecting her to say no, and it was the quickest no in history.’)

Understandably, Poehler keeps a little too busy these days to anchor herself to a desk, literally or figuratively, though we’d certainly like to imagine a world with Rock behind the desk, short-term or otherwise. No doubt Trevor Noah will cultivate an increased presence over the summer as Jon Stewart enters his final five weeks, with Trevor premiering the new iteration on September 28.

Tweet scandals or otherwise, are we ready to give Trevor Noah a shot? Would Amy Poehler or Chris Rock have been better served hosting The Daily Show, if only for a short while?

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